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10 2003

Features: October 06, 2003 14:22:21
Quickly installing OpenBSD 3.3
This article goes through the steps of an OpenBSD 3.3 installation. The installer is a text-based interface and, in most cases, is quick and easy to complete.

News: October 06, 2003 15:26:38
Announcing the USENIX AsiaBSDCon and Request for Papers
The USENIX AsiaBSDCon 2004 will take place at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan between March 13 and March 15 2004.

News: October 07, 2003 11:54:44
First Canadian BSD conference to be held in Ottawa in May 2004
BSDCan is pleased to announce the first Canadian BSD conference. It will be held May 13-16, 2004 at the University of Ottawa. BSDCan would like to invite everyone interested in BSD to submit papers

Outside: October 08, 2003 14:26:25
LinuxWorld: Show Me the License
This article at LinuxWorld is about profitable open source software development companies and dual licensing.

Features: October 14, 2003 14:53:51
Performance testing building DivX and MPEG-2
The author compares the performance of encoding MPEG-4 (using non-threaded) and MPEG-2 (using threaded encoder) on BSD/OS 4.3.1, BSD/OS 5.0, FreeBSD 5.1 and SuSE Linux 8.2