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11 2005

Outside: November 04, 2005 14:43:49 OpenBSD 3.8: Hackers of the Lost RAID
Interview with OpenBSD developers about OpenBSD 3.8.

Outside: November 04, 2005 16:03:14
DevX: Return of The BSDs
The BSDs are all still very much alive and kicking ...

News: November 04, 2005 16:07:49
OpenBSD 3.8 released
OpenBSD 3.8 was released on November 1. It has an improved malloc(3), improved ospfd(8), new UDF (DVD) filesystem support, new RAID tools and more.

News: November 04, 2005 16:13:16
BSD Certification Group releases Usage Survey Report
This report summarizes the results from the BSD Usage Survey delivered by the Group.

Features: November 04, 2005 16:18:50
One student's experience with Google's Summer of Code
Alan Ritter, Western Washington Univ. senior and computer science major, received recognition on Oct. 16 for his successful participation in Google's Summer of Code. He spent the summer working on a code which makes Windows network drivers adaptable to the NetBSD operating system.

Features: November 29, 2005 09:34:18
Introducing FreeBSD
Thousands of server owners choose the FreeBSD operating system because of its technical features, security benefits, remarkable uptime, low-cost, and its heritage.

Features: November 29, 2005 09:37:38
Introducing OpenBSD
Borne from an argument and with the goals of proactive security, correct programming, and truly free open source code, OpenBSD has became the standard which most other operating systems try to emulate.

Features: November 29, 2005 09:47:48
Introducing NetBSD
One of main projects focused on enhancing BSD is NetBSD. Known as the most portable operating system, NetBSD is a complete Unix-type operating system that is available over the internet. Based on code developed for over ten years, the NetBSD project started in the early 1990's and, since then, it has been continuously developed.

News: November 29, 2005 12:46:30
FreeBSD project launches FreeBSD 6.0
On November 4, the FreeBSD project announced the availability of FreeBSD 6.0.

Outside: November 29, 2005 12:52:38
Desktop FreeBSD: Upgrading to 6.0
The Open for Business website has an article about upgrading to FreeBSD 6.0 with notes on updating ports and GNOME.

News: November 29, 2005 13:10:17
NetBSD publishes donation details
In response to recent NetBSD donations, the project published a report detailing how these donations were used.

Outside: November 29, 2005 13:20:30
ONLamp: Using Software RAID-1 with FreeBSD has an article about FreeBSD's GEOM and using gmirror to set up RAID.

Outside: November 29, 2005 13:49:22
ServerWatch: Beyond The Big Three BSDs, BSD Alternatives
ServerWatch has an article quickly introducing DragonFly, MirOS, TrustedBSD, PC-BSD, m0n0wall, PicoBSD, Frenzy, FreeSBIE, and GuLIC-BSD.

Outside: November 29, 2005 14:27:47
Network Operating Systems: Hard(ware) Choices
Enterprise Networking Planet has an article about how hardware factors in the choice of a network operating system.

Outside: November 29, 2005 15:10:15
NewsForge: Nine principles of security architecture
NewsForge has an article about nine basic security principles.

Outside: November 29, 2005 15:17:43
A Linux user's perspective in installing FreeBSD 6.0
Blogspot has an article about installing FreeBSD, the characteristics of FreeBSD, and initial drawbacks for FreeBSD converts.

Outside: November 29, 2005 16:22:28
Installing Lighttpd on OpenBSD
Ping Wales has an article about installing and configuring Lighttpd using an OpenBSD package for serving static webpages.

Outside: November 29, 2005 16:27:41
NewsForge: How to run an EA Battlefield 2 server on FreeBSD
This NewsForge article introduces Electronic Arts' multiplayer online game Battlefield 2 and how to install and configure it on FreeBSD.

Outside: November 29, 2005 16:43:23
Blocking Skype Using Squid and OpenBSD
This PDF document quickly highlights the main challenges of blocking Skype servers. The setup is basically a Squid-proxy running over OpenBSD using PF for filtering.