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01 2006

Outside: January 06, 2006 21:28:31
shadowdev: FreeBSD as a Desktop
Article about desktop adoption elaborating on four solutions which need work on FreeBSD: Java, Flash, Real, and Acrobat.

News: January 06, 2006 21:42:08
Recent OpenBSD Security Advisories
OpenBSD announced two security advisories this week: Do not allow users to trick suid programs into re-opening files via /dev/fd; and a buffer overflow has been found in the Perl interpreter with the sprintf function which may be exploitable under certain conditions.

Outside: January 06, 2006 21:50:02
ONLamp: Building Binary PC-BSD Packages
This article shows how to make entirely self-contained PC-BSD packages.

Outside: January 06, 2006 21:55:19
NewsForge: EuroBSDCon 2005 (highlights)
Another review of EuroBSDCon 2005.