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Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 2002

By Alistair G. Crooks

Ninety-two packages were added in May, whilst 2 were removed, which by my estimates, mean that there were 2898 packages in the packages collection at the end of May, there being 2808 at the end of April.

The main change is the addition of the kde3 packages, with many thanks to Nick Hudson for his excellent work. Also notable are some the changes that Amitai Schlair has made better to support Darwin.

Notable additions include: upclient, acidlaunch, algae, a development meta-package for Amanda, arts, cg, cilk, conserver, cxunzip, dbz-ttf, diction, dlcompat for Darwin (thanks, Amitai), dvipdfm, efax-gtk, elinks, emacs21-nox11, epic4-doc, euler, fam, ftpproxy, fxtv-capture, GConf2, generator, gimp-print-cups, gnet, gri, htmldoc, http_load, imapfilter, intltool, jini, joos, kde3 and related packages, lambdamoo, lbreakout2, leim, libart2, libirman, lmme, lpairs, ltris, mailsync, marbles, mencoder, mkfontalias, mkfontscale, molden, mpegaudio, mpeg123-nas, mplayer-share (thanks, Bernd), nullmailer, oggasm, oto, p11, p5-Font-TTF, projclock, qiv, rioutil, rootprobe, some rox utilities, sather (thanks, Jason), solid-pop3d, spiralsynth, sun-jdk14 and sun-jre14 (thanks, Jan), text2rtf, w3m-img, xchrono, xmms-mad, xrick, yrolo, and zile.

Notable updates include: adzap, analog, bind 8 and 9, bochs, bonobo components, bwbasic, ccache, cdpack, chemtool, claraocr, createbuildlink, disc-cover, ekg, esound, etach, etcupdate, fxtv, gaim, galeon, gauche, gdk-pixbuf and gdk-pixbuf-gnome, geda utils, gerbv, some gimp plugins and drivers, gkrellm, glib, glib2, gmplayer, gnetlist, gnome-games, gnu-go, gnupg, gqmpeg, grpn, gschem, gsl, gsymcheck, guppi, gwave, hdf, htmldoc, icecast, irssi, isearch, jam, jwhois, lame, latex2html, lftp libdvdread, libgeda, libiconv, libirman, libmcrypt, libtool for Darwin, libxml2, libxslt, lilypond, links, lukemftpd, lynx, lyx, magicfilter, maildrop, mirror, mkfontscale, mlterm, mozilla, mpg123, mplayer, mutt, nessus and related packages, netatalk, nidentd, nsd, nxtvepg, ogle, openssh, opera6, various perl utilities, pango, poppassd, port2pkg, postfix, proj, pstoedit, pure-ftpd, pyxml, qpopper, qt3 and related packages, rats, rsync, samba, silc client and server, skipstone, squirrelmail, swi-prolog, sylpheed, tela, teTeX-share, tmda, trafshow, unison, ups-nut and ups-nut-cgi, url2pkg, uvscan-dat, vfu, vizq, vm, w3m (split into two packages - thanks, Kei-san), wmfire, xanalyser, xlockmore, xmame, hdf5.

The joint Package of the Month award goes to xscreensaver (and the related Cardiac Arrest of the Month award goes to Christos Zoulas, at the Usenix BSD BOF when xscreensaver kicked in); and to projclock and yrolo, which have helped me organise my desktop a huge amount. projclock allows me to account for the time I spend over a number of different projects, whilst yrolo is a rolodex clone which I find useful.


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