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NetBSD 1.5.3 maintenance release officially available

By Jeremy C. Reed

The NetBSD Project released a maintenance release for its stable 1.5 branch. In the ten months since the last release of the NetBSD 1.5 branch, various improvements, new hardware support, and a few security fixes have been integrated.

This light-weight, Unix-like operating system available for numerous hardware architectures includes a variety of software and documentation for providing DNS services, firewalls, IP masquerading and routing, Unix development, and more. Some of the popular software installed by default with this 1.5.3 update release includes: Sendmail, Postfix, XFree86, IPFilter, BIND, and OpenSSH.

In addition to the base install, the NetBSD project provides thousands of software packages for easy installation of various applications, font libraries, and more, such as the Apache Web Server, KDE integrated desktop, Abiword, OpenOffice, and Mozilla.

Some of the highlights of NetBSD 1.5.3 include: 3ware Escalade 5000 and 6000 series RAID controllers support; Mylex DAC960 support, Compaq EISA array controllers support; file system performance improvements; MD5 passwords (with backward compatibility); optional digital signatures for packages; and security fixes for lpd, OpenSSH, gzip, C library resolver, and ptrace and set-uid issues.

It is important to note that the NetBSD 1.6 branch is soon to be officially released. This major release includes a wider variety of recently updated software and more drivers. Nevertheless, the 1.5.3 release is useful for systems currently running the 1.5 branch.

Further information about the 1.5.3 maintenance release can be found in the official announcement.

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September 16, 2013 11:24:28

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