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AMI releases FreeBSD-based NAS software

American Megatrends Inc., a leader in storage and computing innovations worldwide, today announced the release of its platform-independent StorTrends NAS software.

"AMI's StorTrends RTG NAS software retail version 1.4 is the industry's first stand alone network attached storage (NAS) software on the market," said Michael Patellis, AMI national sales manager. "The cost effective storage software allows small to mid-range businesses to efficiently address their rapidly growing storage needs by running AMI's NAS software on any new or existing X86 desktop or server."

The platform independent StorTrends NAS software v1.4 can be added to any X86 desktop or server to easily create a low-cost high performance NAS system. AMI's NAS software is FreeBSD-based, with support for Windows, Apple, NetWare, Unix and Linux. It also includes software RAID embedded in the OS and supports industry standard IDE and SCSI controllers.

One of the NAS software's key features is AMI's StorTrends NAS Management Station v1.2 which runs on a Windows NT domain server. According to AMI, the Management Station simplifies the task of configuring and monitoring multiple NAS systems in a network, making them easier to manage.


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FreeBSD - NAS Ooperating System - Jayesh Pathak
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FreeBSD - NAS Ooperating System
Jayesh Pathak - December 26, 2003 06:37:38
Can we have info on FreeBSD NAS OS , as we would like to interested in INtigrate the NAS Hardware BOX

NAS Software
Stephen Goldstein - October 10, 2005 09:18:44
I'm interested in using my HP Proliant Server as a NAS server





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