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Top 10 Things Wrong With Linux (and the free BSDs), Today

In "purely an act of love", the author discusses every major nitpick he can think of, such as printer and X configurations, sharing files, web browsers, and more.
The rapid pace of development of free/open source software has always stunned me. In just a few years, Linux and the free BSDs have become serious players in every major computing market, from embedded systems up to enterprise-class servers. Most impressive, however, is the strides they have made on the desktop. KDE and GNOME rival, and sometimes exceed, commercially available desktop environments who have been around for decades. (With apologies to the BSD developers, I am going to shorten "Linux and the free BSDs" to "Linux" for the rest of this essay.)
Read the ten problems.


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September 16, 2013 11:24:28

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