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Image indexing and pattern recognition software development kit for NetBSD and FreeBSD

By Jeremy C. Reed

This week, Convera announced the availability of its latest version of the company's search and retrieval software development kit for digital images and video with new support for FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Darwin OS. Convera shifted their Unix efforts from dying platforms to vital, growing platforms. "Once we ported to one flavor of BSD the rest were easy."

Convera says this Visual RetrievalWare 5.0 software is natively built on all platforms. It is not available under OpenBSD, but Convera says that it would probably be trivial to port.

It also runs under Mac OS X, but there are no Tk bindings in the Visual RetrievalWare for Darwin. So the sample code and demo programs that rely on Tk are not available. When the standard releases of Tk support Aqua, then Visual RetrievalWare (VRW) will include it.

The programming toolkit includes C libraries and header files, sample code, sample Tcl/Tk scripts, and utility programs.

Although Visual RetrievalWare is not open source software, Convera supports and uses open standards and open source software. According to Convera, some of the open source software used, in addition to using Tcl/Tk, includes zlib, libpng, MPEG Software Simulation Group's codecs, and Independent JPEG Group's JFIF.

The VRW software development kit is used for indexing and searching video and image content -- without needing keywords. For example, Honeywell uses it with a dynamic U.S. Department of Energy archive of photographs and x-ray images where searches can be done based on image content of over 13,000 JPEG files.

According to Convera, the VRW SDK contains algorithms developed by Convera (formerly known as Excalibur) over the past decade for core image processing, indexing and feature extraction. Some of these algorithms have been used for kanji, face, and fingerprint recognition. The first VRW SDK release was in 1995.

Some of the special features of the VRW SDK include fuzzy pattern recognition in sequences of frames (clip matching), frame-accurate identification of cuts, fades, and dissolves (shot-boundary detection matching), and color, shape and texture indexing.

(Share your feedback below. Do you know of any open source software for image feature extraction and image recognition?)


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i'm strongly interested t... - gaetano

i'm strongly interested t...
gaetano - December 01, 2004 05:36:00
i'm strongly interested to any open source sw for image processing. Best regards, gaetano





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