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DVD+RW software for (Open)BSD

By Maarten Hofman

Currently there are many different formats in which DVD are written: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM. DVD-R and DVD-RW are supported by the cdrecord tools, which are available as a package. DVD-RAM is not really a DVD format, but a new system. DVD+R and DVD+RW are new formats, promoted by Philips (and several other companies) with different advantages and disadvantages than the other formats.

For Linux, there are currently two different angles towards DVD+RW support: a kernel implementation, which will allow you to access the DVD directly, format it with a file system of your choice and use it as if it were a hard disk (though will a limited number of writes for each sector); and a set of tools, developed by Andy Polyakov, which allow formating DVD+RW disks and writing a dvd-video or ISO9660 file system on a DVD+RW or DVD+R disk. These tools are described at and include the source codes.

These source codes use Linux-specific CD-ROM access and do therefore not compile under (Open)BSD. I rewrote the CD-ROM access to SCSI-3 commands and tested the result with my Philips DVD+RW drive. To my own surprise, they worked. I decided to make a WWW-page that contains the discussion about them and the rewritten source codes and made them available at so that other people can use them.

Of course, currently there will not be many people that use a DVD+RW with OpenBSD, but hopefully this might change now. I do not know whether they compile on any other BSD system, because I do not have access to those.

If the image to be written on the DVD+RW is generated by mkisofs 1.14 (or higher) using the -dvd-video video option, it contains the required structure of video and audio directories, and you change the booktype of the DVD to DVD-ROM afterwards using the dvdbooktype command (included in the tool set), then it will actually play in a number of DVD players.


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DVD Burning - Bob Myatt
wrong format - Alan Booth
writing to dvd - Jerry

DVD Burning
Bob Myatt - October 18, 2003 01:18:34
I have a problem in copying DVD's with current software on web I have a DVD+RW please tell me where to get the best and most suitable software for it



wrong format
Alan Booth - November 16, 2003 11:19:35
Hi just read your article unfortunately I have just formated a new DVD+RW using the InCd package that came with my Philips DVD writer. It is no longer recognised and I think it may have been formatted as a CD-rw is this possible, if so is there any way back to a DVD+RW? Thanks Al

writing to dvd
Jerry - January 23, 2005 17:06:25
I found your info by looking for information on how to make a dvd act like a 3.5 floppy,

what I mean by that is I can put a blank dvd rw disc into my plextor burner and copy any number of types of files to keep for old lang zine.

I would expect to retrieve this dvd some years later and be able to look at what I had saved.

The reason I picked dvd over cd is my obvious thought that I could store more info on them.

I am having the most frustrating time in doing this. I have had about every kind of error message known to this universe. compatablity, read only, wrong format etc etc etc.

Isn't there a simple way for an old person to do what I'm wanting to do.

I am using an Intel board, intel chipset, intel processor(3.2 gig) and 2 gig of ram.

Please have someone put me out of my mizzory.


Jerrry The birdog from the flatlands of Kansas





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