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Daemon News: NetBSD Board of Directors elected

NetBSD announced that the members of the new NetBSD Foundation board are:

  Chris G. Demetriou, 2 year term
  Luke Mewburn, 2 year term
  Alistair G. Crooks, 1 year term
  Scott Reynolds, 1 year term
  Christos Zoulas, 1 year term

This article at Daemon News discusses the nomination committee, election procedures, results, and analysis

Using a [Nomination Committee] to select a slate is modelled after the IETF Board election procedures and is a different approach than the core elections in the FreeBSD project. Here the project members directly elect core, using an approval voting scheme. ...

Read the article at Daemon News.

New FreeBSD core team to work on project direction


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September 16, 2013 11:24:29

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