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Newsfactor: The OS Wars: BSD vs. Linux

This article at Newsfactor shares a few comments from a few IT analysts. Basically, it says that "Linux has become 'more of a professional system.'"

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BSD or Linux - Brian Finniff

BSD or Linux
Brian Finniff - April 21, 2005 09:29:13
Well although it is true that BSD is lacking in support at the moment, to such as Windows or Linux, should that be the only thing that matters? FreeBSD for example, as I have seen, is a very performance-oriented operating system, and I choose it over Linux. This is indeed a personal choice, but again, why should Linux be the one chosen.

Linux has a few problems, first of all the code auditers have no formal review, thus, this can allow the introduction of dangerously insecure source code, however yes, it appears the number of Linux users would be able to find exploits faster, but it seems to not be so, often many exploits exist.

Then the license, Linux is licensed under the GNU GPL, the GNU GPL is probably bad for corporations, as though if a company was to modify an operating system and make a "deal" to give it to another company, it would have to be given with source code and full rights to it, and thus some other company could release this to the public. This is dangerous for companies and I do not realize why Linux would be chosen over BSD, FreeBSD for example, you can change anything you want, and as far as freedom, two things could be considered. Free as in freedom for GNU GPL? A person can't change the license, making it not free, but on BSD, when someone gets this "free" software, they can change it to closed-source, so stop saying free as in freedom, it's a lie and a joke, I like the BSD license, I dislike the GNU GPL, and that's not because I'm a capitalist, in fact I hate corporations, but it's the lifeblood of our countries.

Other reasons exist, but that's my rant for now.





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