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Daemon News: Easy Nameserving on FreeBSD With djbdns

This article shows how to DNS the "djb way". It discusses installation (via FreeBSD ports), configuring local and shared caches, private nameservers, and dnscache/tinydns administration.

Plus it has an appendix about installing daemontools, djbdns FreeBSD port build options, and a commentary about distributing djb software.

... Even where there are other means for managing projects in ways that are both secure and "open", they are not without their own costs and tradeoffs. For example, considering just the hassle factor of following up on claims that may be the result of unidentified forks and mutations, could Bernstein even bother to make his "security guarantee" without asserting the principle of copyright?

Read the article at Daemon News.


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September 16, 2013 11:24:29

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