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UniTrends announces Backup Professional for FreeBSD

UniTrends Corporation, a developer of enterprise-wide cross-platform backup, recovery and data protection products and services, recently unveiled Backup Professional for FreeBSD server. The client for FreeBSD was introduced last year.

Agents for Backup Professional run on nearly all of today's leading operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, SCO Unix, Linux, UnixWare, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris Intel and SPARC, Novell and more.

"With cost and performance conscious companies implementing FreeBSD to run their enterprises, a platform-specific solution gives them a clear advantage in managing the backup and restoration of their corporate-critical information," said Steve Schwartz, UniTrends' president. "Backup Professional lets companies maintain a clear focus on the security and integrity of their data, at a low cost of ownership."

Backup Professional offers administrators the ability to easily backup and restore information to either disk or tape, supporting SCSI II-compliant autoloaders from today's major manufacturers, such as HP, Sony, StorageTek, Qualstar, ADIC and others. It backs up networked computers, saving time through central administration and unattended "lights out" scheduling. In addition, Backup Professional enables administrators to remotely manage backups.

Other features in UniTrends' Backup Professional for FreeBSD server include:

  • Simple installation;
  • Support for files larger than two gigabytes;
  • Simultaneous handling of multiple FreeBSD servers.

Schwartz also noted that Backup Professional enables users to perform a complete "bare metal" crash recovery solution on any Intel client on the network, when implemented with UniTrends' PC ParaChute. The combined products let people restore a crashed computer to full functionality in less than 20 minutes, without requiring them to reinstall the operating system, add-ons, registry, device drivers, upgrades or software packages.


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September 16, 2013 11:24:30

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