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Introducing NetBoz: a new, free, CD-ROM based firewall

NetBoz is a burn-and-play firewall. It boots from a CD-ROM, having nothing to install on the hard disk. In fact, it does not use a hard disk at all (!). All the settings are managed through a very comprehensive web administration system, and stored on a write-protectable diskette, making it virtually inmune to intrusions and power failures.

In such a way, NetBoz makes a firewall of any Pentium-class PC, and allows the user to reach the level of performance he needs by adjusting the computer power to use (CPU, RAM and network interface cards).

The web administration system is aimed to simplify the network manager tasks, allowing to setup NetBoz in a few minutes. Any user, even without knowledge in Unix, can set it to work.

However, NetBoz gives the experts all the power of the underlying operating system allowing them to manage all the configuration files, making NetBoz extensible and flexible enough to fit almost any need. NetBoz is based on FreeBSD, a well-known, secure and very stable operating system, while uses ipfw to implement the firewall features.

Perhaps the very best feature to enjoy of NetBoz is that its cost free! : it is available as freeware in the net. That means, anyone can download, use and distribute it at will. Therefore, the only cost in getting it running is the hardware. And a recycled PC will do the trick. All you may need is a Pentium class PCI system, with at least 64MB of RAM , and have two or three network interface cards. No hard disk is required.


NetBoz though simple, is very versatile and powerful. It is suitable for use in a small office or in corporate networks, specially when high throughput or too many user licenses are required.

Standard way management (through the web administration system) supports two or three network interfaces, including the following features:

  • FreeBSD ipfw-based firewall.
  • Boots from a CD-ROM. Does not use a hard disk.
  • Web-based GUI Administration System
  • WAN, LAN and DMZ networks support.
  • SSH server for Remote Access on all the interfaces.
  • NAT for publishing LAN or DMZ services.
  • DHCP server on LAN interface.
  • DHCP client on WAN interface.
  • DNS server.
  • Real time traffic monitoring.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Extensible and scalable.

Where to Download NetBoz for Free

NetBoz can be found at The home page is fairly simple, and contains a downloadable ISO image, and the user manual in English and Spanish versions.


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September 16, 2013 11:24:30

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