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Newsfactor: Open Source Alternative: NetBSD

This Newsfactor article introduces NetBSD: runs anywhere, hardware dictates mission, security, cross-pollination, licensing, embedded devices, and clean code.
According to Ed Gasiorowski, director of developer relations for AMD's Computation Products Group, the port to AMD's Opteron processor was extremely fast. "I think the initial port was probably about two days [and] might have been as short as one day. That was a full 64-bit port." He told NewsFactor that the speed of the port was due to the quality of NetBSD's codebase. "We were quite impressed with how clean the code was.... This code was ready for 64-bit before it ever got to porting over to Opteron. Not only from having done it before [porting to a 64-bit system], but also good programming practices."

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