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Unix Review: OpenBSD's Packet Filter

This "Open Road" article talks about disk partition planning and packet filtering (using pf). It discusses enabling the pf packet filter and types of rules.
Let's start with something easy. Namely, showing the current state of your filter rules. Run pfctl -s all, and you'll see a bunch of information — even if you haven't added any rules yet. As you might have guessed, the -s option is for "show," it will show you the loaded rules, the per-rule statistics, the NAT rules, pretty much everything you want to know about the status of the packet filter. ...
Read the article at the Unix Review.

Daemon News: HOWTO: Transparent Packet Filtering with OpenBSD
KernelTrap: Porting The PF Stateful Packet Filter


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September 16, 2013 11:24:32

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