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O'Reilly: FreeBSD Access Control Lists

This article shows how to get started with ACLs with FreeBSD 5.0. It also has examples of using ACLs with Samba and Windows.
Unfortunately, most Unix tools do not yet support ACLs. For example, tar won't back up or restore ACLs, and NFS in FreeBSD ignores them too. Neither tar's file format nor NFS's protocol has any place for ACLs. However, whole-file system UFS1 backups made with tar or dump will back up the .attribute directories, and FreeBSD's dump has been modified to understand UFS2 (including ACLs). The archivers/star port supports ACLs. ...
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Taking MicroBSD for a test run
FreeBSD 5.0 offers many new benefits


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September 16, 2013 11:24:32

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