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Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 2003

By Alistair Crooks

By my calculations, at the end of July 2003, there were 3892 packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3820 the previous month, a rise of 72.

Notable additions include: ap-auth-pgsql, ap2-ruby, asc, avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-gdb, avr-libc, avrdude, awstats, bbdate, bitlbee, bkedit, brs, buildtool-doc, conglomerate, cpuid, dbench, device-driver-doc-de, dirdiff, djbfft, dnstracer, eric3, expatobjc, fspanel, gmencoder, gqmpeg-skins, GridSim, gtksee, gtkwave, jdk-openjit, KoboDeluxe, kopete, libffi, libggigcp, libggiwmh, libid3tag, libkver, libmad, mad123, madplay, multi-aterm, openpbs, openssh+gssapi, pag, paragui, pari-galdata, physfs, pkg_filecheck, proj-doc, psi-ssl, pure-ftpd, py-adns, py-kjbuckets, py-m2crypto, py-pqueue, py-qt3-base, py-qt3-modules, py-qt3-qscintilla, py-sybase, py-zconfig, re2c, ruby-borges, ruby-installpkg, ruby-webrick, SDL-arts, SDL-esound, SDL-nas, spider, tcptraceroute, tnftp, xlog, xmms-arts, xmms-blursk, xmms-esound, and xorp.

Notable updates include: abcde, adom, algae, ap-ssl, ap2-subversion, apache, apache2, apla, arts, asc, aspell, ast-ksh, atari800, audacity, automake, avi-xmms, avifile, avifile-devel, avr-gdb, balsa2, battalion, bbmail, bidwatcher, biew, bind8, bins, binutils, bkpupsd, blender, bluefish, bmake, bogofilter, bomberclone, bozohttpd, buildtool, canna-server-bin, ccache, cfs, cgoban-java, clisp, cpuflags, crimsonfields, criticalmass, cscope, cue, curl, cvs, cvsync, dbh, dctc, dc_gui2, delegate, devtodo, dhid, dinotrace, disc-cover, distcc, docbook-xsl, dopewars, dosbox, dovecot, dynipclient, easytag, eawpatches, ekg, emacs, eog2, ethereal, falcons-eye, fetchmail, fetchmailconf, fftw, fire, fix4SA110rev2, fluxbox, fontconfig, freeradius, gabber, gaim, galeon, gcalctool, gcc, gcc3, gcc3-c, gcc3-c++, geda, geda-docs, geda-symbols, geda-utils, generator, getmail, gif2png, gimageview, gmencoder, gmplayer, gnet, gnetlist, gnocatan, gnome, gnome-panel, gnome-session, gnome2-applets, gnome2-control-center, gnome2-terminal, gnome2-utils, gnus, gpc, gperiodic, graphviz, grepmail, gri, groff, grub, gschem, gst-plugins, gsymcheck, gtexinfo, gtk-gnutella, gtkmm, GUIlib, GWLib, gworkspace, hatari, html2text, i2cbd, icewm, icewm-gnome, icewm-imlib, ifile, imap-uw, imap-uw-utils, intlfonts, iplog, ircd-hybrid, ircII, isakmpd, iso-pernangband, ja-freewnn-server-bin, jdbc-postgresql, kdbg, kde, kde3, kde3-i18n-af, kde3-i18n-ar, kde3-i18n-bg, kde3-i18n-bs, kde3-i18n-ca, kde3-i18n-cs, kde3-i18n-da, kde3-i18n-de, kde3-i18n-el, kde3-i18n-en_GB, kde3-i18n-eo, kde3-i18n-es, kde3-i18n-et, kde3-i18n-eu, kde3-i18n-fa, kde3-i18n-fi, kde3-i18n-fr, kde3-i18n-he, kde3-i18n-hu, kde3-i18n-it, kde3-i18n-ja, kde3-i18n-lt, kde3-i18n-mt, kde3-i18n-nb, kde3-i18n-nl, kde3-i18n-nn, kde3-i18n-nso, kde3-i18n-pl, kde3-i18n-pt, kde3-i18n-pt_BR, kde3-i18n-ro, kde3-i18n-ru, kde3-i18n-sk, kde3-i18n-sl, kde3-i18n-sr, kde3-i18n-sv, kde3-i18n-ta, kde3-i18n-th, kde3-i18n-tr, kde3-i18n-uk, kde3-i18n-ven, kde3-i18n-vi, kde3-i18n-xh, kde3-i18n-zh_CN, kde3-i18n-zh_TW, kde3-i18n-zu, kdeaddons3, kdeadmin3, kdeartwork3, kdebase3, kdeedu3, kdegames3, kdegraphics3, kdelibdocs3, kdelibs3, kdemultimedia3, kdenetwork3, kdepim3, kdesdk3, kdetoys3, kdeutils3, ketm, keychain, kile, KoboDeluxe, lbreakout, lbreakout2, lesstif, lgeneral, libbonoboui, libdvdcss, libexif, libexif-gtk, libgeda, libgnome, libgnomeui, libgphoto2, libiconv, libnbcompat, libsigc++, libxml2, libxslt, lpairs, ltris, mad, mad123, maelstrom-sdl, marbles, mencoder, metacity, MHonarc, mimedefang, mined, mjpegtools, mk-files, mmix, monafonts, mozilla, mozilla-bin, mpg321, mplayer, mplayer-share, mserv, mtoolsfm, mtree, naim, netatalk-asun, netscape7, newvox, nmap, nmapfe, normalize, nsd, nulib2, nut, nxtvepg, octave, ogle, oo2c, p0f, p5-Date-Manip, p5-Digest-MD5, p5-GraphViz, p5-HTML-TableExtract, p5-SDL, p5-Time-HiRes, paragui, pari, pax, pfaedit, pgcc, phoenix-bin, php4-imap, pico, pine, pkgdiff, pkglint, pkg_comp, plasma, plplot, poink, polsms, postfix, postgresql-server, prayer, privoxy, proj, psi, pxe, py-amkCrypto, qt3, quanta3, qvwm, racoon, ratpoison, rc.subr, roundup, ruby-openssl, ruby-ossl, ruby-webrick, sarien, scmxx, scrot, scummvm, SDL, SDLKit, SDLmm, SDL_gfx, SDL_image, SDL_net, SDL_sound, SDL_ttf, sipcalc, sj3-server-bin, sketch, skkserv, smalltalk, smpeg, smpeg-xmms, snort, snort-mysql, snort-pgsql, sox, squid, static-ast-ksh, streamtuner, stunnel, subversion, subversion-base, subversion-python, sweep, swfdec, sylpheed, tasp-vsipl, tileworld, transcode, tuxpaint, twelf, ucd-snmp, upclient, verilog-current, vfu, vm, vorbis-tools, vtun, wap-utils, water, win32-codecs, wine, wmsmixer, wonka, xchat, xchat2, xcircuit, xconq, xhippo, xine-lib, xlockmore, xmame, xmess, xmms, xmms-funtimedancer, xmms-infinity, xmms-jess, xmms-mad, xmms-nebulus, xmms-osd, xmms-paranormal, xmms-tv-scope, xmule, xpaint, xplanet, xrick, xtide, xtu, yplot, zephyr, zephyr-current, and zsnes.

The Package of the Month award goes to: an oldie, xpkgwedge, which allows you to install all your packages in one place, leaving your X11 tree in a pristine condition. xpkgwedge was nominated by an oldie, me, and as I write this I find that I've used it for over three years now. My thanks to Todd Vierling for writing it, and to Johnny Lam for maintaining it for us.

Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in June 2003


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pkgsrc - Ricardo Renan

Ricardo Renan - September 15, 2003 09:28:40
Hi, i tried to install the kde 3.1.3 from pkgsrc in the 1.6.1 release but its broken at qt3-tools.

Best regards.





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