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First Canadian BSD conference to be held in Ottawa in May 2004

By Dan Langille

BSDCan is pleased to announce the first Canadian BSD conference. It will be held May 13-16, 2004 in Ottawa, Canada.

BSDCan would like to invite everyone interested in BSD to submit papers. For details, please see

We plan to keep costs to a minimum. As such, the conference will be held at University of Ottawa and accommodation is available within the University residences. Hotels are also within close walking distance of the conference venue.

The conference venue is within walking distance of the Byward Market, a great section of town for bars and pubs. This will be a popular meeting area for the BOFs.

Attendees should find Ottawa cheaper than most other conference venues with many things to do and see away from the conference.

Announcing the USENIX AsiaBSDCon and Request for Papers
BSDCan - BSD Canada


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Details about the conefrence - OTERI EMMANUEL

Details about the conefrence
OTERI EMMANUEL - December 28, 2003 08:18:43
i just want to inquire on how i can attend the conefrnce since i don;t reside in canada. please you can reply either by my email address or oteri emmanuel, 3492, Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria. i hope to hear from you soon.

TIJANI AFEEZ - April 04, 2004 22:16:21
Hello My name is afeez base in nigeria and i will like to come for the conference and on my way coming back i will like you to come with me so that we can establish a branch in my country. Hope to hear from you soon.





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