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SCO and the USL vs. BSDI Lawsuit
A SCO press release says: "As part of the expanded scope, the firm has been engaged to support SCO regarding issues relating to copyrighted UNIX code incorporated into Linux without authorization or appropriate copyright notices. Code that has been identified includes Unix System V code as well as copyrighted code included in the 1994 settlement between Unix Systems Laboratories, Inc. and Berkeley Software Design, Inc."

By Jeremy C. Reed

SCO announced this morning, that they are expanding its scope of what they consider as unauthorized use and exploitation of SCO's intellectual property. This includes code covered in the 1994 settlement between BSDI (Berkeley Software Design, Inc.) and Unix Systems Laboratories. SCO says they acquired this code and associated copyrights from Novell in 1995.

Maybe this means that SCO may extend its actions to include Apple's Mac OS X which is based on BSD, and FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.

According to this posting to freebsd-hackers, FreeBSD and NetBSD were also involved in the settlement agreement.

The 1992 and 1993 USL vs. BSDI documents can be found at Dennis M. Ritchie's website at (and here).

An announcement from BSDI about the settlement in February 1994 can be found archived at Google.

In July, SCO's Darl McBride stated "We are not talking about BSD code."


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Idiocy - Thomas Good
SCO/Microsoft lawsuits - John

Thomas Good - December 22, 2003 09:59:56
Is there anyone SCO is not suing? Have they sued themselves yet? After all they marketed Caldera Linux until very recently.

SCO/Microsoft lawsuits
John - January 08, 2004 13:48:26
Since Microsoft seems to have paid off SCO to launch lawsuits against competing operating systems, especially the open-source operating systems created with a lot of volunteer and academic work, maybe it's time to reinstate the antitrust suits brought against Microsoft by major plaintiffs (including the States of California and Iowa) that were still alive as of June 2002.





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