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Traakan released file system component of its NAS software for NetBSD

By Jeremy C. Reed

In January, Traakan, a NAS software developing company, announced that their OmniTraak File System (OTFS) is available for NetBSD. The fully-journaled file system is available under a commercial license. According to G.P. Maloney, Traakan's vice president of marketing, they have been porting this file system to NetBSD for most of 2003. (OTFS is now running on NetBSD 1.6.1.)

When Traakan decided to move their technology to a standard platform, they looked at all the possible ones and chose NetBSD because of its extensive platform support, freedom from GNU licensing concerns, and also because, as they looked at the market, NetBSD did not have a fully-journaled file system available that could be targeted by developers for enterprise-level NAS offerings, Maloney said.

Previously, OTFS was available on proprietary operating systems of their own design.

According to the OTFS technical notes, a volume has a capacity of 64 billion terabytes, full journaling of user data and meta data, allotment quotas (quotas per projects, directories and per individual files), supports 240 snapshots, and fast-hashed directories. Also, OTFS can take advance of memory sized over 4 GB for enhanced file caches and fsck's are not needed.

Traakan also provides an open source product, NDMJOB which is a Network Data Management Protocol backup and restore software. NDMP is an open protocol for network-based backup for multi-vendor backup solutions. Information is available at

More information about the OmniTraak File System is available at


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September 16, 2013 11:24:32

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