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It attempts to answer "why hasn't FreeBSD become as widespread as Linux?"

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question - con
why hasn't FreeBSD become as widespread as Linux? - John Scroggins
rude - Dan houlihan

con - July 12, 2004 23:59:26
greetings! can you give me some of the features of free BSD,what is the meaning of BSD? thanks!!!

why hasn't FreeBSD become as widespread as Linux?
John Scroggins - September 25, 2004 00:58:38
I think this question can be answered simply ... evangelism. As a Linux/FreeBSD user, I know that Linux users want "converts", those who are saved from the pit of Hell -- known as M$. Whereas FreeBSD users, they are more laid back and feel sure there o/s is sturdy, and competent -- built "Ford Tough" so to speak.

I have been an editor for, and also a writer of Linux books and documentation. On my wall hang the badges of honor -- my volunteer service at LinuxWorld (3X), Oracle Openworld and other exhibitor badges. But there is none related to FreeBSD.. not that I would refuse to help get the word out, but rather there's been no real push to bring an evangelistic effort to the public sector. If I am wrong on this, this is a personal observation only.

One time my LinuxWorld card had the FreeBSD daemon on the back of it, and FreeBSD had a small presence at the Expo that year. It was catchy enough for me to stop by the booth. But what type of follow up was done that year?

I have not been in a couple of years, so I could not speak to whether they send an outreach team it to the Linux jungle anymore. But they should, they need to talk to people like IBM that are building new stuff that could be optimized for fbsd, and talk up the security aspects of proven code that is quite stable and fully matured.

Last of all build an educational model, on which supports good sys admin ethics and security.

That only "if" freeBSD wants to become more widespread -- again this is a personal opinion is response to a question posed. -- or as my wife would say -- john you're rambling again.


Dan houlihan - September 21, 2005 13:33:54
I was just a newbe a couple of monthes ago and purchased ann's book and within four days had my old 167 mhz think pad running with sound mp3 streeming audio and the internet. I was real excited with my new operating system. I have had great fun learning about the command line.

However I am in a small city and havent had any contact with other users except for a chance meeting with someone on irc chat. Being new and excited with my secuess getting the op system running on my old laptop. I commented on my sucess as a newbe. His replwy was only "so" I cant beleave that all bsd users are this crass however if this is the case no wounder the groth is behind Linux! Really I think my experence is with just one bad apple.

I really enjoy bsd and learning about it! The compleat bsd is a great book. So much to learn however its a great deal of fun! I like to hear from some positive users. I can email and share my experences and theirs.

Thank you------ a newbie Dan Houlihan





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