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10 2004

Outside: October 06, 2004 09:14:12
NetBSD Quarterly Status Report: July - September 2004
The NetBSD Foundation's quarterly status report for July through September includes news about the logo contest, new developers, release candidates, pkgsrc, port improvements, NetBSD version numbering scheme, and more.

News: October 15, 2004 12:56:58
Stephanie security add-ons for OpenBSD 3.6 released
Stephanie is an OpenBSD hardening tool for file integrity verification, privacy extensions, and preventing untrusted users from executing code in untrusted locations.

Outside: October 25, 2004 20:16:58
NewsForge: A week in the BSD CLI
"[R]ecently I forced myself to use only the CLI for a week. I ended up learning a lot more than just a few command line arguments." This article at NewsForge followed some of the experiences of a user using OpenBSD.

Outside: October 27, 2004 14:19:18
ServerWatch: NetBSD, for When Portability and Stability Matter
A short and positive review about NetBSD is at ServerWatch: "In NetBSD's sweet spot are organizations looking for a slim, lightweight, highly stable, and capable operating system ..."