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NewsForge: A week in the BSD CLI

"[R]ecently I forced myself to use only the CLI for a week. I ended up learning a lot more than just a few command line arguments." This article at NewsForge followed some of the experiences of a user using OpenBSD.

I decided to use OpenBSD 3.5 on my Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop for this exercise instead of Debian, Slackware, or Gentoo Linux because, in addition to knowing that OpenBSD worked perfectly on the laptop's hardware, I wanted to use this opportunity to get to know OpenBSD a little better. Also, OpenBSD has a feature that I thought would make my week easier: the Ports software database. Ports makes it easy to find and install programs from the command line -- easier for me than Debian's APT or Gentoo's Portage systems. ...

Read the article at NewsForge.

Introduction to OpenBSD for Linux users


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A Week in CLI - Peter Hummers
For Lent - Ian Harding

A Week in CLI
Peter Hummers - November 11, 2004 11:50:46
Back before I figured out my XFree86 config file, I had my laptop set up CLI - loved it, with caveats. Used Lynx, Pine, Midnight Commander, Screen, even a VGA graphics app for looking at pictures. I decided the GUI analogy is better, finally, but the command-line is a powerful tool that everybody ought to spend some time in.

For Lent
Ian Harding - February 28, 2005 13:53:41
Sounds like a good thing to give up for Lent!

The only thing I miss is the occasional web site that is unusable with Links. I don't have X on my notebook.





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