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01 2005

Outside: January 19, 2005 14:29:32
NewsForge: My workstation OS: NetBSD
An article about the author's desktop OS of choice. It includes examples of what he uses NetBSD for.

Outside: January 19, 2005 14:36:59
FreeBSD July-December 2004 Status Report
A status report covering various projects within (or for) FreeBSD covering the past six months.

Outside: January 19, 2005 14:41:45
NetBSD Status Report for 4th Quarter.
The NetBSD Foundation's fourth quarterly status report covers October through December of 2004.

News: January 25, 2005 11:25:15
FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE is now available
This latest release of the FreeBSD Legacy development branch includes conservative updates to a number of software programs in the base system, dealt with known security issues, and has many bugfixes.