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FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE is now available

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team has announced the release of FreeBSD 4.11. This latest release of the FreeBSD Legacy development branch includes conservative updates to a number of software programs in the base system, dealt with known security issues, and has many bugfixes. The previous release was in May, 2004.

It includes fixes for the Linux binary compatibility kernel memory issue, CVS exploits, fetch(1) issue, and procfs (and linprocfs) issues.

It now supports the IBM/Adaptec ServeRAID controller, Cronyx Tau-PCI synchronous serial adapters, ASIX Electronics AX88172 USB 2.0 Ethernet chipset, Intel 82597EX PCI Gigabit Ethernet, and some Intel 8255A programmable peripheral interface (PPI) chip support.

Sendmail has been updated to version 8.13.1.

For the complete list of changes, see the release notes at

According to the release announcement, this is expected to be the last release from the RELENG_4 branch. "Most of the Developers are now focused on the RELENG_5 branch, or on the cutting edge development in HEAD," the announcement states.

FreeBSD July-December 2004 Status Report


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September 16, 2013 11:24:33

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