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BSD Certification Group launches Task Analysis Survey

April 21, 2005 - The BSD Certification Group today announced their Task Analysis Survey to help describe the knowledge and skills necessary for successful BSD administration and to gain feedback for developing BSD system administrator certification.

The BSD Certification Group is inviting employers, managers, developers, users, and administrators who use BSD operating systems to complete the survey. The survey gathers information about the types of job functions and tasks performed by novice and experienced BSD administrators.

"The analysis should help us develop and validate the BSD Certification learning objectives and certification requirements," said Jeremy C. Reed of the BSD Certification Group.

"While developing this survey, we solicited input from numerous individuals and conducted a pilot test of the survey to make sure that administrators with various levels of experience could easily and accurately complete the survey," said Reed.

The survey will take approximately an hour to be completed and will be available in several languages. It is available for a one month period, ending on May 22, to give survey takers an opportunity to participate. The survey is at

About The BSD Certification Group

The BSD Certification Group is comprised of educators, writers and sysadmins who are well versed in and passionate about BSD systems. The group was formed in January 2005 to create a BSD certification program that is recognized as the industry standard for certifying both the knowledge and the ability to perform administrative tasks on BSD systems. The BSD Certification Group website is at


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