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12 2005

News: December 01, 2005 10:02:02
Hewlett-Packard donates blade cluster to FreeBSD
"With this generous donation from HP, we are able to continuously produce up-to-date packages from more than 13000 ports of third-party software available in the FreeBSD Ports Collection, at about three times the rate of the previous hardware cluster."

Outside: December 01, 2005 12:40:46
LXer: Saving Windows from Obsolescence in a Free-Market Economy
An opinion article that suggests that Microsoft consider adopting one of the BSDs (or GNU/Linux) as their underlying system, while offering their own unique interface to run on top.

News: December 07, 2005 13:38:33
BSD Certification Group Inc. announces first fund raising drive
The BSD Certification Group Inc., a non-profit organization creating the certification standard to assess the skills of BSD system administrators, announced the launch of its first fund raising drive.

News: December 07, 2005 17:09:09
FreeBSD training class to be held in Fort Worth, Texas, in February
Open source technical service provider, Puget Sound Technology, is offering a FreeBSD system administration course, February 7 - 10, 2006, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The course covers standard Unix and Linux administration skills using the popular FreeBSD Unix operating system.

Outside: December 08, 2005 12:13:19
DDJ: Wide Character Support and GEOM Journaling (Google's Summer of Code: Part I)
Dr. Dobb's Journal discusses the Google Summer of Code and quickly covers two projects: Wide Character Support in NetBSD Curses Library and gjournal: FreeBSD GEOM Journaling Layer.

Outside: December 08, 2005 12:19:14
EuroBSDCon 2005 Review
OpenBSD Journal has an overview of the fourth EuroBSDCon, held November 25 - 27 in Switzerland.

Outside: December 08, 2005 12:25:08
DDJ: NDIS Network Driver (Google's Summer of Code: Part II)
Dr. Dobb's Journal has more reviews of Google's Summer of Code, including the NDIS Network Driver project for NetBSD.

Outside: December 08, 2005 21:10:36
ServerWatch: FreeBSD Waters Are Easily Waded
This ServerWatch article introduces FreeBSD, the ports, installation, upgrades, and mentions new 6.0 features.

Outside: December 23, 2005 15:08:28
Security Focus: OpenSSH cutting edge
Interview with OpenBSD and OpenSSH developer, Damien Miller, to discuss features included in the upcoming OpenSSH 4.3, public key crypto protocols details, timing based attacks and anti-worm measures.

Outside: December 23, 2005 15:15:58
Sessionlimit - Rate Session Limiting Capabilities For OpenBSD's PF
Sessionlimit interacts with OpenBSD's PF to detect when a scan or DoS is initiated from a honeypot and then block the outgoing traffic. This article is a review of the Sessionlimit tool.

Outside: December 23, 2005 15:22:10
NewsForge: Creating secure wireless access points with OpenBSD and OpenVPN
This article shows how to create a "secure" wireless access point using authpf and OpenVPN on OpenBSD.

Outside: December 23, 2005 15:28:02
ONLamp: Inside NetBSD's CGD
An interview with Roland Dowdeswell, the author of the Crypto-Graphic Disk (cgd).

Outside: December 23, 2005 16:46:00
FreeBSD Foundation Newsletter, December 23, 2005
The FreeBSD Foundation published a December 2005 newsletter with various information on Foundation projects and status.