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This is the BSDA Study Guide Book written via a wiki collaboration. This is a work in progress. You may contribute to or discuss this specific page at

Recognize methods for verifying the validity of binaries


Recognize the utility of file integrity utilities such as tripwire. Recognize the built-in checks provided on some of the BSDs.


Some more details on verifying the validity of a file are covered in section Verify a file's message digest fingerprint (checksum).

TODO: mention mtree is available on BSDs and can be used to create specifications and can check files

TODO: mention that some mtree specifications are available on some BSDs for the released files

TODO: mention ways of checking against recorded package checksums (is that in another section?)


Practice Exercises

More information

mtree(8), security(7) or (8); security.conf(5); veriexecctl(8)

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