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This is the BSDA Study Guide Book written via a wiki collaboration. This is a work in progress. You may contribute to or discuss this specific page at

Understand when it is preferable to install a pre-compiled binary and how to do so


TODO: Suggest that this be s/binary/package/

Be aware that while pre-compiled binaries are quick and easy to install, they don't allow the customization of the binary to a system's particular needs. Know how to install a pre-compiled binary from either a local or a remote source, as well as how to uninstall a pre-compiled binary.

TODO: this concept seems to overlap Understand the difference between a pre-compiled binary and compiling from source. Maybe reword these (and let Group know).


It's preferable to install a pre-compiled binary when you're running on an older and/or slower machine or your setup is generic enough to not require customization.

pkg_add: a utility for installing software package distributions, used to extract packages that have been previously created with pkg_create (TODO: is pkg_create for openbsd? is that even applicable for this book?).

pkg_add pkg_name [pkg_name ...] can install the listed packages in pkg_name

pkg_add -v pkg_name turns on verbose output

pkg_add -n pkg_name doesn't install package, just reports the steps necessary to do so

pkg_delete: a utility for deleting previously installed software package distributions that were previously installed with the pkg_add command

pkg_delete pkg_name deinstalls named packages

pkg_delete -a unconditionally deletes all currently installed packages (TODO: what about OpenBSD and pkgsrc?)

pkg_delete -n pkg_name lists steps for deinstalling without deinstalling

pkg_delete -f pkg_name forces deinstallation even if a dependency is recorded or deinstall fails

TODO: what about pkg_info ? Where covered in this book?


Practice Exercises

More information

pkg_add(1), pkg_delete(1)

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