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Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in June 2002

By Alistair Crooks

By my calculations, there were 2970 packages in the packages collection at the end of June, up from 2898 the previous month, a rise of 72.

Notable additions to the packages collection include: adom, ap2-perl, arirang, autoconvert, bbmail, bbrun, bg5ps, Canna-dict and server, check, Chinput, cross-h8300-hms binutils and gcc, demime, dnetc, docsis, eblook, edonkey2k, eggdrop, emech, esms, fcgi, gkrellm-volume, glpk, goofey, gscope, gsmlib, hypermail, hztty, icepref, FreeWnn dict and server, ja-samba, some kde3 packages (thanks to Nick, Mark, Jan and everyone), kttcp, leafnode, lhs, libtabe, links-gui, metacity, mpg123-esound, mpg321, mpgtx, mtoolsfm, nbitools, various Perl utilities, pcl-cvs, php4-mhash, various Python Unicode codecs, pyDict, randread, the rox suite (thanks, Chris), sipcalc, sj3 dict and server, star, stardic, su2, swill, sylpheed-claws, ttmkfdir, unicon, windowmaker-desktop, wmmp3, wmsmixer, wmusic, xbindkeys, xcin, xclip, xfm, yafc, yamt and yup.

Notable updated packages in the packages collection include: amavis-perl, ap-ssl, apache, apache6, asp2php, atk, audit-packages, awka, bidwatcher, bind4, bind8, bozohttpd, canna lib and server, canuum, cheesetracker, coda5 (client and server), conserver, courier-imap, cpuflags, curl, cvsweb, dillo, doc++, eb, ekg, ethereal, ettercap, exim, exim-html, frotz, fvwm2, galeon, geneweb, gkrellm, gkrellm-xmms, gmplayer, gnumeric, gtkasp2php, htmlfix, id3v2, ipa, irssi, FreeWnn lib and server, ja-samba, kaffe, liba52, libirman, links, lsof, lukemftp, lwp, mencoder, micq, mlterm, mozilla, mplayer and mplayer-share, msu, mysql-client, nxtvepg, ocaml, ogle and ogle_gui, openssh, oto, various Perl utilities, pango, pdflib, pgpdump, pkgchk, pkglint, pkg_install, polsms, postfix, proftpd, pure-ftpd, various Python utilities, the rox suite, rvm, samba, scmxx, silc client and server, sj3 lib and server, skill, stow, sylpheed, teapop, TeXmacs, thttpd, tits, ttf2pt1, uvscan-dat, vid, vttest, x11-links, xchat, xpmroot, xservers and ysm.

Package of the Month award goes to links-gui, nominated by Matt Green. "It's the fastest graphical/javascript enabled browser i've seen and it acts just like tty links".

[I think he meant that that's a good thing - agc]

Speed surfing with graphical Links
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 2002


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