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Daemon News: Cross-Development with NetBSD

This article shares examples of cross-compiling a kernel and the entire operating system under NetBSD, including creating the toolchain for cross-compiling (compiler, assembler, linker).
The first step to do cross-development is to get all the necessary tools available. In NetBSD terminology, this is called the "toolchain", and it includes BSD-compatible make(1), C/C++ compilers, linker, assembler, config(8), as well as a fair number of tools that are only required when cross-compiling a full NetBSD release ...

The command to create the toolchain is quite simple, using NetBSD's new src/ script ...

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NetBSD's /bin and /sbin to use shared libraries
NetBSD version 1.6 released
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 2002


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September 16, 2013 11:24:30

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