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Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 2002

By Alistair Crooks

By my calculations, at the end of September 2002, there were 3214 packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3104 the previous month, a rise of 110.

The following packages were added to the Packages Collection: 3DKit, acroread5-chsfont, acroread5-chtfont, acroread5-font-share, acroread5-jpnfont, acroread5-korfont, bash-doc, bbapm, bktr2jpeg, bzflag, c4, cdrecord-devel, cvs2p4, dctc, dc_gui, ddskk, distfetch, emacs-w3m, faad2, gail, GeometryKit, ghostscript-esp, ghostscript-esp-nox11, ghostscript-gnu, ghostscript-gnu-nox11, ghostscript-gnu-x11, giblib, gice, gimp-print-ijs, GlutKit, GLXKit, gnome-desktop, gnome-pixmaps, gnome-pixmaps2, gnome-session, gnome-vfs2, gnome2-control-center, gnome2-pixmaps, GNUMail, gnustep-back, gnustep-base, gnustep-examples, gnustep-gui, gnustep-make, gnustep-objc, gnustep-preferences, gtk-engines, gtkspell, GWLib, gworkspace, hpijs, ijs, ImageViewer, ja-dvipdfm, jpeg2ps, kyim, lib3ds, libbonoboui, libesmtp, libevent, libgnome, libgnomecanvas, libgnomeprintui, libgnomeui, libgtkhtml, libmilter, libwnck, liece, lookup, mimedefang, mirrormagic, mserv_irman, mule-ucs, netscape7, p4, p4-docs, p4d, p4pr, p4web, p5-Apache-Gallery, p5-Inline, Pantomime, pfaedit, pkg_comp, pvs, R-grid, R-lattice, RenderKit, rexx-imc, rexx-regina, rt-mysql, rt-pgsql, sablecc, scummvm, SDLKit, static-bash2, tc, tremor, tremor-tools, tuxpaint, tuxpaint-stamps, visual-regexp, xkbset, zope, zope25-CMF, zope25-EasyImage, zope25-Formulator, zope25-JPicture, zope25-LocalFS, zope25-ParsedXML, zope25-Silva, zope25-XMLWidgets, and zope25-ZPhotoSlides.

The following packages were updated: 6to4, abcde, abiword-personal, acidlaunch, adjustkernel, adzap, airportbasestationconfig, ap-xslt, apache, apache6, aperture, apla, arla, atk, auctex, autoconf-devel, automake, automake-devel, balsa, bash, bbkeys, bidwatcher, bins, blackbox, boehm-gc, bonnie++, bonobo-activation, bozohttpd, cdpack, cftp, cheesetracker, communicator, cpuburn, cpuflags, crafty, createbuildlink, cue, cups, cvs2p4, cvsps, cvsup, cvsup-gui, cvsweb, dctc, dc_gui, dejagnu, demime, dgd, dia, drac, eagle, easytag, ee, efax-gtk, eggdrop, ekg, epic4, esound, etcupdate, ethereal, everybuddy, everybuddy-gnome, evolution, feh, fetchmail, fetchmailconf, ffcall, fileutils, flac, flac-xmms, flawfinder, freebsd_lib, fvwm2, gabber, gaim, gaim-gnome, gal, galeon, Gauche, gcdmaster, GConf2, gdk-pixbuf, gdkxft, gentoo, ggv, ghostscript-gnu, ghostscript-gnu-nox11, ghostscript-gnu-x11, gimp-print, glade, glib2, gnapster, gnome, gnome--, gnome-chess, gnome-core, gnome-desktop, gnome-games, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs2, gnomeicu, gnotepad, gnucash, gnumeric, gnustep-base, gnustep-make, gphoto, gqmpeg, grace, gtk--, gtk-gnutella, gtk2+, gtkballs, gtkdiff, gtkhtml, gtm, guppi, haskell-mode, htmldoc, htmldoc-x11, imap-uw-utils, ipadic, irrd, jdbc-postgresql, jpilot, jpilot-expense, jpilot-syncmal, jpilot-synctime, kannel, kde2, kde3, kdelibs, kdepim, latex2html, lbreakout2, leafnode, libart2, libbonobo, libbonoboui, libglade2, libgnomeprint, libgnomeui, libiconv, libIDL, libsigc++, libsndfile, libwmf, libxml2, libxslt, libyahoo, linc, linda, links, links-gui, malsync, mencoder, metacity, mirrormagic, mlterm, mplayer, mplayer-share, mrproject, mrtg, mserv_irman, msudir, mutt, namazu2, napshare, navigator, nawk, netatalk, nntpclnt, ns-flash, ns-plugger-common, ns-plugger-communicator, ns-plugger-navigator, ns-remote, nsd, ogle, ogle_gui, openldap, openslp, ORBit2, oregano, oto, p5-IO-Socket-SSL, p5-Jcode, p5-Net-SSLeay, p5-pilot-link, p5-SSLeay, p5-Text-Iconv, p5-URI, p5-XML-LibXML, pan, pango, pcre, peace, pedisassem, php4-domxml, php4-xslt, pilot-link, pilot-link-libs, pkgchk, pkgconfig, pkglint, pkg_comp, ploticus, popa3d, postgresql-autodoc, prboom, proftpd, psiconv, pyxml, R, R-boot, R-cluster, R-foreign, R-mgcv, R-nlme, R-recommended, R-rpart, R-survival, R-VR, rats, rconfig, rioutil, rox, rox-session, ruby-drb, ruby-iconv, sablotron, scmxx, sendmail, silc-client, silc-server, sml-nj, sodipodi, spamassassin, squirrelmail, sylpheed, t1lib, tamago, tcl-otcl, TeXfamily, TeXfamily-share, TeXmacs, tuxpaint, tuxpaint-stamps, vice, w3m, wget, wistumbler, wmnet, wv, wwwoffle, xboard, xbreaky, xchat-gnome, xcin, xfstt, xlHtml, xmms, xmradio, xpdf, xpmroot, xpp, and zebra.

The Package of the Month award is a three-way tie:

  1. to pkgsrc/net/hping, nominated by Andrew Brown. hping was inspired by the ping(8) command, but as well as ICMP, it supports TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW-IP protocols, has a traceroute mode, the ability to send files using a covert channel, and many other features.
  2. pkgsrc/audio/mserv_irman, nominated by the hastily-recovered David Brownlee. mserv_irman is only of use to people with an irman from and a desire to have many people listen to the same mp3 jukebox without bloodshed :)
  3. pkgsrc/emulators/generator, nominated by Alexander Crooks (relation). For those moments when the S Club 7 CD just won't suffice...

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