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Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 2002

By Alistair Crooks

By my calculations, there were 3037 packages in the packages collection at the end of July, up from 2970 the previous month, a rise of 67 (71 added, 4 removed).

In the infrastructure of the packages system, we have moved to a new method of specifying interactive packages, by defining the stage which is interactive. This finer-grained mechanism means that, if a package needs interaction to download the dist files, and the dist files have already been downloaded, then the build can continue anyway.

Please note also that the search method for binary packages has been changed within pkg_add(1). The previous behaviour was to select local packages in preference to remote ones. The new strategy is to use select remote packages, and to follow the PKG_PATH setting. Thus, if you wish to preserve the old behaviour, you must specify the local packages by means of the PKG_PATH variable.

Notable additions to the collection include: anomy-sanitizer, automake-devel, baekmuk-ttf, bg5pdf, bins, blackdown-jre13, cdbkup, cjk-lyx, cnprint, compface, cooledit, numerous Cyrillic X11 fonts, efont-unicode, ezmlm-idx, fkiss, flan, flawfinder, flow-tools, gaim-gnome, gdbm_primitive, gethost, gkx86info, guile-fcgi, guile-www, IglooFTP, incm, iroffer, isapnptools, ispell-spanish, kanjipad, kcfonts, kdelibdocs3, kdesdk3, kochi-ttf, libbonobo, libglade2, libgnomeprint, maelstrom-sdl, mdp,, nbtscan, ntop2, various perl5 modules, pflogsumm, php4-snmp, phppgadmin, ru-d1489, scribus, skey, snort-mysql, snortsnarf, tkdesk, winbind, xbindkeys-config, xchat-gnome, and xjed.

Notable updates to packages in the collection include: abiword-personal, adzap, analog, angband-x11, ap-perl, apache, apache2, apache6, arch, arirang, arla, arts, atk, audit-packages, bbweather, bins, blackdown-jdk13, blender, bochs, bonobo, bonobo-activation, boost, bozohttpd, c-cpp-reference, cgoban, choparp, cpuflags (with 6 updates in one month, this package wins the Update of the Month award, although I'm not sure David planned it quite like that), cvsweb, cyrus-sasl, dante, demime, dlcompat (thanks, Amitai), ekg, esound, etcupdate, ethereal, evolution, extipl, faces, fetchmail, fidogate, figlet, flashplayer, gaim, gal, GConf, gerbv, ggv, glade, glib, glibwww, glimpse, gnome, gnome-applets, gnome-chess, gnome-games, gnome-media, gnome-utils, gnumeric, gnumeric0, gphoto2, gtk+, gtk-gnutella, gtk2+, heyu, imlib, inn, ispell-german, ja-samba, kaffe, kdbg, kde and related packages to 3.0.2 (thanks, Nick), kdevelop, kdevelop-base, kdoc, kermit, ko-baekmuk, kttcp, libaudiofile, libcdaudio, libexif, libflash, libmikmod, libmm, libwww, libxml2, linc, links, links-gui, moz-flash, mozilla, mserv, msu, nbtscan, nn, ntp4, ogle, opera6, ORBit, ORBit2, various perl5 utilities, pam-ldap, pam-smbpass, pango, papersize, pkglint, png, poppassd, prboom, py-koCodecs, qmail, rconfig, roller, screen, SDL, semi, skipstone, sml-nj, snes9x, snort, sox, speedtouch, squid, squirrelmail, sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, tcsh, TeXmacs, tmda, uae, ups-nut, ups-nut-cgi, vtun, wdg-validate, wine, wwwoffle, xboing, xchat, xnc, xpilot, xv, and zebra.

The Package of the Month award goes to swill (pkgsrc/www/swill), a web server library that makes it easy to add a web interface capability to existing programs, nominated by Jason Thorpe. The best documentation I can find for it is in the overview in the Freenix 2002 conference proceedings:

Finally, we are in the final stages of stabilising pkgsrc ready for the upcoming 1.6 release. Thanks for your support, and please bear with us if your problem report isn't dealt with as quickly as you would like.

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