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NetBSD is "Ready for IBM Technology" for PowerPC 405GP
IBM's Microelectronics Division validates NetBSD on IBM's PowerPC 405GP evaluation platform and is entitled to use the "Ready for IBM Technology" mark.

On Thursday, Wasabi Systems, a provider of embedded BSD products and services, announced that its version of the NetBSD operating system has been validated with the IBM PowerPC 405GP embedded processor and is participating in the "Ready for IBM Technology" offering. As recognition of this validation, Wasabi is now entitled to use the "Ready for IBM Technology" mark in connection with its NetBSD embedded products targeting the PowerPC 405GP.

The "Ready for IBM Technology" offering identifies third-party products and solutions that have been configured and tested for compatibility with products from IBM's Microelectronics Division. This validation simplifies the process of validating hardware, software, and tools for OEMs developing IBM-based solutions. The validation process was completed on IBM's PowerPC 405GP evaluation platform, which is used as the design basis for sophisticated network infrastructure and storage equipment.

"The PowerPC 405GP is an ideal solution for a wide variety of embedded applications, including wired communications, data storage and pervasive computing devices," said Lisa Su, the director of the PowerPC and emerging products at IBM Microelectronics. "We are pleased to have Wasabi's NetBSD validated with IBM's PowerPC 405GP as part of our 'Ready for IBM Technology' portfolio of solutions."

"NetBSD's is quickly gaining attention as a robust embedded operating environment for complex applications," said Frank Logan, CEO of Wasabi. "Now, with NetBSD's validation with the IBM PowerPC 405GP processor, we can further improve the time to market advantage realized by our OEM customers by reducing the time needed for testing and validating with IBM's PowerPC products."

For more information, see the NetBSD/evbppc port webpage which says the IBM PowerPC 405GP based walnut evaluation board is supported by NetBSD/evbppc.

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September 16, 2013 11:24:31

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