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FreeBSD vs. Linux on TechTV!

On September 2, OffMyServer CTO, Matt Olander, and FreeBSDMall VP of Engineering and Release Engineer, Murray Stokely, appeared on TechTV, a major technology network, for a segment entitled FreeBSD vs. Linux. The segment appeared on The Screen Savers show, which is one of TechTV's number one series.

The purpose of the show was to see how FreeBSD stacked up against Linux in a desktop environment. Matt and Murray were invited to represent FreeBSD, while Linux Journal's Chief Editor, Don Marti showed off SuSE Linux. Chris DiBona, formerly of VA Linux, was there to referee the challenge.

OffMyServer provided four systems to each team for demonstration purposes. Each team installed live on the air on one box and then showed some applications that they had a bit of time to setup on the other system.

When Leo Laporte, the host of the show, came back to check on the installation, he reported that the FreeBSD side finished their installation first and were already configuring their window manager by the time the Linux guys were putting in disk 3 of their installation.

TechTV's article regarding the segment can be found here:,24330,3511343,00.html

"I'm glad that we had a chance to show that FreeBSD is a viable desktop operating system," said Olander. "We found that most people weren't even aware that FreeBSD could run most of the same applications as Linux."

The FreeBSD team showed off the Fluxbox desktop ( running mplayer playing Ace Ventura Pet Detective, AbiWord, Gnumeric, XChat, Konqueror, KOffice, and other applications.

Combined with some transparent multi-colored tinted aterm terminals, Laporte commented that the Fluxbox desktop looked very sexy and professional when compared to the vanilla KDE installation on the Linux desktop.

"We had the opportunity to discuss the FreeBSD ports collection on live television," stated Stokely. "When compared to Linux, this is truly one of the areas that FreeBSD stands out."

In the end, DiBona officially considered the comparison a tie, although this caused many of the TechTV audience members to boo and hiss the decision. Whether or not it's because they would've preferred to see FreeBSD win, we'll never know.

About FreeBSD Mall

FreeBSD Mall, formerly known as Walnut Creek CDROM, is a provider of high quality FreeBSD software, documentation, support and services.

About OffMyServer, Inc.

Offmyserver provides internet infrastructure grade rackmount servers, security appliances, and managed hosting to a global marketplace. The Offmyserver management team consists of executives and employees from BSDi, and iXsystems. Offmyserver's goal is to provide leading edge hardware solutions and managed hosting on opensource operating systems including FreeBSD and Linux. Offmyserver has developed optimized web servers, email servers and file servers to meet their customers needs. New products include a variety of security appliances including firewall and intrusion detection.

(From Offmyserver press release, revision 2.)

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Unix Revealed
jpizzy - September 04, 2003 03:01:16
The cyber duo Matt Olander and Murray Stokely, strike again, at the evil forces of Bill. Mabey my boss will let me throw away my windows box thanks, J@keRiver5

FreeBSD vs. Linux on TechTV!
Luis Torres Jr - September 30, 2003 21:27:56
I'm an avid Techtv viewer, but as far as I see it your BSD ROCKS. I've tried linux,mandrake,redhat installs and i have been disapointed every single time.As i write you this email I'm downloading your BSD to install On my new pc.I will be looking for more good products and programs from you guys and gals in the future. Feel free to use this letter as you see fit and Leo Laporte talks to $@#%^ much when he should shut up and let the guest explain their products. signed Luis Torres JR

About Linux
cpdeshmukh - October 14, 2003 03:01:39
Dear Sir How can i geta free linux operating system from the web? please answer

please read
siavash mahjoob - December 22, 2003 15:34:05
i liveing in iran . in iran few person found that know what is freebsd?.i am network administrator & working with Linux & microsoft windows 2000 and from 9 month ago i working with freebsd, at begin working with freebsd 4.4 now working with freebsd 5.0. i very would like contribute to semeinars that related to this topic but this isn't exist.

Clive Walker - January 21, 2004 07:49:14
It is a PIDAR

FreeBSD vs. Linux on TechTV!
Bill Horrel - August 16, 2007 17:45:22
Let 'hem say whatever they have to brag about FreeBSD, everything though howsoever free it is, comes with price STOP

Can you make all my Track-point, Touch-pad and PS/2 mouse work simultaneously on syscons and X on a DELL Inspiron 4150 on *BSD? Obviously !NO!

Can you make my media control buttons like volome up, down and mute work on *BSD for above said machine? Obviously !NO! Can you make my HP Deskject 3745 USB printer work on *BSD? Obviously !NO!

Can you make my SonyEricsson W700i's modem work on *BSD? Obviously !NO!

Linux rocks! Please note that it is/was Linux who put life in Unix and, or OS's based on Unix; people other have never noticed what that hell Unix thing is.





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