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Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2003

By Alistair Crooks

By my calculations, at the end of October 2003, there were 4170 packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 4147 the previous month, a rise of only 23. But there again. a lot of October was spent in maintenance on the pkgsrc tree, ready for a forthcoming branch.

Notable additions include: chkfontpath, dmesg2gif, exif, gpspoint, gpsutils, libsnert, mapserver, milter-regex, milter-sender, nvtv, nvtv-gtk2, p5-File-Spec, p5-Template-Extract, p5-Template-Generate, p5-XML-LibXML-Common, py-psyco, rinetd, ruby-gd, ruby-testunit, scm, scribus-doc, tads, vis5d+, and xylem.

Notable updates include: abcde, abiword, adzap, ap-dav, apache, apache2, apache6, apr, aspell, aterm, audit-packages, bind9, bins, bomberclone, bozohttpd, cadaver, cpuflags, createbuildlink, cue, cvsync, cyrus-imapd21, db3, dgd, distcc, dovecot, doxygen, dropbear, dsniff, easytag, exif, exiftags, expatobjc, fetchmail, fetchmailconf, fontconfig, freetds, freeze, fuse, fvwm2, gaim, gawk, gentoo, gerbv, getmail, glimmer, gnucash, gnutls, gone, gossip, gqview-devel, graphviz, gsharutils, gtksourceview, ipv6calc, isakmpd, ja-vfxdvik, jpeg, jwhois, kopete, latd, level9, libaudiofile, libgsf, libkver, libnet, libnids, libspectrum, libtool, libtool-base, libtool-info, libxml2, libxslt, links, links-gui, loudmouth, mini_sendmail, mono, MozillaFirebird-bin-realplayer, mpgtx, mrtg, mysql-client, mysql-server, nabi, naim, nas, nasm, navi2ch, nbsed, neon, nethack, nethack-lib, nethack-qt, nethack-tty, nethack-x11, neXtaw, nmap, nmapfe, ns, ntp, nut, openssh, openssl, opera7, p0f, p5-GD, p5-MP3-Tag, p5-razor-agents, p5-Template-Toolkit, p5-XML-LibXML, p5-XML-Parser, pakemon, paragui, pen, perl58, php4-wddx, pim6dd, pim6sd, pkgchk, pkglint, pkg_install, postfix, py-expat, pyca, pyxml, quagga, rats, rconfig, rocksndiamonds, rocksndiamonds-sdl, rosegarden, ruby-iconv, ruby-opengl, sablotron, scribus, ser, silc-client, silc-client-icb, silc-server, slrn, slurm, socks5, source-highlight, speedtouch, speex, squidGuard, squirrelmail, sun-jdk14, sun-jre14, sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, thttpd, tidy, tspc, tuxpaint, udfclient, unrar, vcdimager-devel, vmware3, vtun, wine, x11-links, xbattbar, xbindkeys, xchat2, xfce4-minicmd-plugin, xfce4-netload-plugin, xmlcatmgr, xmule, xpad, xpdf, xpmroot, yatsvrs, and yudit.

The Package of the Month award goes to wdiff (pkgsrc/textproc/wdiff), nominated by Lex Wennmacher - Lex writes:

"wdiff is a small, but very useful utility. The other day I had to compare two texts where one was derived from the other, but the line breaks and paragraphs had been changed - no go for simple diff. wdiff did the job. On an other occasion, I had to compare two text with very long (hundreds of charactes) lines. While normal diff formally works, you still end up comparing the characters in the + and - lines individually, until you spot the difference. Again, wdiff makes this comparison really easy."

Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 2003


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