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Clustering with FreeBSD
David Moffett shared information about the background, design and performance of a Parallel Virtual Machine -- a super-computer built with a cluster of old, recycled equipment -- during the Friday general track.

Electronics Research with FreeBSD
FreeBSD serves as an excellent tool in conducting research at universities. This paper reports the development of an I/O system, which is required in the electronics field including robotics and integrated circuit designing; a special emphasis is placed on low cost and quick development.

FreeBSD State of the Union
Jordan Hubbard's "State of the Union" address. This presentation covered the new core team elections, random useless stats, FreeBSD marketing, work-in-progress and goals and plans.

FreeBSD, X-Windows, and I18N
Micheal Wu, Chia-Liang Kao and Clive Lin's Thursday development track presentation covering I18N (internationalization) programming.

Mac Os X
This paper says USENIX, but at Wednesday development track presentation, Wilfredo Sanchez suggested this URL. He discussed the background, challenges and further ideas for integrating the Unix and Mac OS environments.

NetBSD 1.5
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino's Friday development track presentation covering features of NetBSD 1.5 and upcoming NetBSD plans.

NetBSD: Platform for the future
Presentation by Luke Mewburn and Erik Berls explaining: What is NetBSD?, structure of NetBSD project, portability comparison, interesting products and services, other interesting developments and future directions.

Porting OpenBSD to the Motorola ColdFire
Wednesday development track presentation from Dean Fogarty and David O'Rourke. This paper outlines how and why Stallion technologies used the Motorola Coldfire CPU and the OpenBSD operating system to create a successful internet appliance.

Remote Management of FreeBSD @
This Thursday general track presentation didn't really cover "remote management", but Mark Lutgen and Brett Rabe shared information about the layout of their POPs and a variety of information about their hardware and services.

Stopping Spam And Trojan Horses With BSD
This tutorial from Brett Glass describes how to configure BSD systems to use DNS blacklists, procmail, mail "sanitizing" scripts, daemons that watch logs for evidence of spamming and "mail bombing," and similar utilities. Prevention of unauthorized relaying and detection and blocking of outbound spam are also discussed. Countermeasures against address harvesting and privacy invasion techniques such as "Rumplestiltskin" attacks, fingerd scans, tracking via identd, e-mail cookies, and malicious image tags in HTML mail are covered in detail. Links to source materials and relevant software tools are provided.

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